Secondary Schools

For Year 9 and above Steve has developed a 1 hour + special presentation that works well with their citizenship or RE classes and looks at self worth, rejection from parents, media and peer pressure. Using mime, stories and personal testimony, Steve will take the students on a journey of self re-discovery and open their eyes to who they really are, a beautiful person made in the image of God. This session will make them laugh and maybe cry, but refresh end encourage them. Year 7 and 8 sessions will be slightly edited to suit their age. Here are a some genuine year 10 testimonials.

“You have literally changed my life. I am so much more confident now, than I was just last week. I’ve been able to join a club now that I’ve been too shy to join for months.”

“It has made me realise how lucky I am and I thank God for it every day now. The feeling I feel now I can’t describe, I came out feeling almost cleansed and brand new.”

"Just wanna say your performance was absolutely AMAZING! It was seriously inspiring! Thanks for showing us your performance and for all the work you did with us, it has helped me with my life and drama."

"Steve the last couple of days have, and will change my life forever (sounds cheesy but I'm being serious). The work you do changes peoples lives and it certainly has done so with me..... I will NEVER forget you, ever! You are a wonderful beautiful person and I am so grateful to have met you and experienced your talent."

“I found the talks given by Steve most enjoyable. They were very emotional but they were also very educational and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his words. I also found the mime an excellent way to end his talk and I think he is a wonderful person to educate people of my age.”

“He was so inspirational and I felt we could all connect to him and what he was saying. He was very interesting and was able to explain human behaviour and the meaning of things in a way we could understand. He talked about very relevant things that are going on in our lives at the moment and he was able to capture our attention.

                                                                Teacher  Feedback

“I thought it was very effective that he got the kids engaged through his humour and very honest way he talked about teenage years, then it felt very hard hitting when the message suddenly became serious and it seemed to really make the kids sit up and think. He delivered it in a very honest way and the message about respecting themselves was very clear.” (RE teacher)

“One of the best things I've seen. Magic” (Head of MFL)

“Relatable, moving and thoroughly engaging performance” (Transition Teacher)

“Impressed. Nice to see someone grappling with issues and confronting personal matters with humour. Important to teach the difference between sex and love.  Relevant to both boys and girls” (Music teacher)

“Our Jessica came to me in floods of tears afterwards.  I thought she was upset about disturbing things that had been said in the session, but no, she said she was crying because he had made her feel good about herself!  Which is just what she needs in her life right now. He sounds amazing.  Wish I'd had the opportunity to see him. Thank you - it's great people can touch lives in a good way.” (Learning Support Assistant/Relative of student)

Primary Schools

Assemblies are about 45 minutes long starting with a  fun and interactive introduction to mime. Then followed by two mimes, one comical and the other serious but age suitable. This can be for the whole school including reception!

For Years 4 to 6 Steve can give up to an hour workshop of basic mime technique. For younger children the workshop times must be reduced. Mime workshops for year 1 is not advisable.


For part or full school day, we suggest £295 plus travel expenses. Remember this is suggestions only and not a condition of booking. Some schools pay more but please talk to Steve if these suggestions are too much for your school’s budget.

Some Primary schools can share half day each with another local school and so sharing the day rate and expenses.

Behold a sower went out to sow.  Matthew 13:3