About Beholdmime ministry

Who and When...

Behold mime ministry began in 1997 when Steve finished his training in Los Angeles where he studied under Todd Farley at the Mimeistry International School of Mime and Bible college. It all began when Steve was given a prophetic vision by a church leader. The vision was of Steve with his face all white. Soon after this vision Steve was shown a video of Todd Farley and as he watched, God so clearly spoke, telling him that this is what he must do. Only then the penny dropped because the mime on the video had a white face! From that day on all the doors opened for Steve and his ministry has grown from strength to strength.

Steve now lives in Chelmsford, Essex with his wife Debbie and children Jessica, Aliya and Grace. Steve met Debbie at a mime workshop back in 1997 and were married the same year.

What...(don't let the word mime put you off).

Behold ministry is not man prancing around with a white face, stripy top and a leotard in awkward silence! This is one of the hardest stumbling blocks Steve comes across...the pre-conceived idea. In reality, Steve does not wear a random costume but simple neutral top and trousers. He also performs to professional contemporary Christian music with clear vocals that tell stories from the bible or biblical morals and values.

Steve currently has 28 professionally crafted mimes and dramas to his repertoire.  They are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge the heart for those who have faith and for those are seeking. Many people have called an evening with Steve as a roller coaster of emotions, packed with laughter and tears.


We are told we only retain 20% of what we hear but 80% of what we see. Mime takes the invisible and makes it visible the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Unlike the actor who simply copies life, the mime re-creates life in a whole new stylized way. It draws the viewer into the mimes world and before they know it, they are living the bible and not just reading it.