Booking Details


It is the heart and desire of Behold to see God revealed and lifted up through professionalism and humility. Steve can perform anything up to two hours in one performance and can offer Sunday morning and or evening church services, Celebrations, Conferences, Youth Gatherings, Missions, Schools, Outreaches, Alpha Courses, Workshops, Prisons any anything else you feel God can be glorified through his ministry.


Behold is a faith based ministry and so has no set fee structure. However it is Steve's full time ministry and so there is an expectation for travel expenses and a ministry gift to enable Steve whilst providing for his family. As a rough guide an average gift to Steve would be £250-£300 (per booking) plus travel expenses. £400 for a whole weekend. If the booking covers several days i.e. a mission or conference then we suggest £150 a day plus expenses.

Travel expenses are based on the current inland revenue rate but when long distances are incurred, this rate can be lowered.

The bottom line is most churches understand living by faith and give generously. The above figures are based on average gifts and are not expected but purely to help churches and event organisers who are not familiar with itinerant ministry.

Technical and Performance area

Steve performs to backing tracks in MP3 format which he will bring to each booking. Steve can provide his pwn P.A system if the venue does not have one.

The performance area will always bring better results if raised. Mime is a full body art-form and so if only the waist up can be seen because of low elevation, then half the impact will be lost. Steve's performance involves using all levels including lying down. If no raised platform is available then careful consideration of seating  would be essential. Also for best results Steve needs a flat working area of 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep or above. Steve can work on smaller areas but will be limited to what mimes he can perform. Please consider if Steve is sharing an evening with a worship band, then adequate space must be provided.

Make up

Behold is regarded as a non white face mime ministry. This is because of the high level of people with fear of masks, clowns and white face. Steve took the decision to stop putting the white face. It is not necessary to use a white face and in fact Steve has found it more benificial not to put on the make up because it enables him to talk and share testimony in between mimes.